1. First Chinese Investment Bank to Set up an ECM Team Covering Primary Market Investors 

■ We are the first Chinese investment bank to have taken an institutional approach to covering the burgeoning Chinese investors
    whose importance has grown significantly. Our ECM team was formed in August 2015 with the sole mandate of building and
    maintaining an unparalleled network of local investors.

■ Our ECM team is currently covering over 3,000 active institutional investors in China. Their investor database includes a wide
    spectrum of players ranging from conglomerates and A-share listed behemoth to large financial institutions, asset management
    firms as well as government-backed funds. This vast network is constantly expanding as fresh faces emerge.

■ With the ability to see all investor appetite and activities across our deal pipeline, our ECM team will then use the market
    intelligence and insight they have gained to help all of our future deals achieve better success rate.


2. Investor Universe Covered Bay Our ECM Team

■ Large Conglomerates
■ Industry Heavyweights
■ A-share Listed Companies
■ Financial Institutions
■ Government Backed Funds
■ VC & PE Funds
■ Mutual Funds
■ Fund of Funds
■ PCS &“Channel Players”


3. Our Systematic Approach in Deal Execution

■ Round 1: Our ECM will work closely with each of our deal teams to come up with initial investor/buyer list
■ Round 2: Our ECM team will make proper adjustments to the initial list based on the investor feedback from 1st round of marketing
■ Round 3: Four to five weeks into marketing, our EMC team will make further additions to the list upon request
■ Round 4: After the deal is closed, our ECM team will conduct a formal review with the deal team